Camberwell Market – Station Street Camberwell

Melbourne’s gem of ‘Trash and Treasure’ open 7am to 12.30 every Sunday and a gold donation at the door is required.

For me it is a way of enjoying the experience of the “Hunter and Gatherer” as I have enjoyed many years of collecting designer pieces myself, but it allows me to enjoy perusing without having to accumulating any more treasures (it is good therapy)

All items sold at this market must be second hand, and there are bargains to be found, and rummaging is half the fun. Antiquities, furniture, vinyl, carpets, and clothing are the most popular (and the best yet……..shshshshshshshhh…….designer clothing).

There is at least 1 in 2 people in Melbourne who has had a stall at Camberwell Market in their lifetime – and they are serious about selling. Today a girl was purchasing a hardly worn pair of RM William boots for $70.00 and they retail at $450.00, she will be kicking her heals in delight!

Beware stall newcomers – the dealers will be in there in the dark with torches and be looking through your stuff before you have even unpacked, so be ready.

And if you just enjoy a leisurely stroll with a coffee in hand, and a little people watching, maybe a hot dog and Elvis impersonators. This is one for you!!



kim kardashian eat your heart out


dangerous, dangerous, dangerous…..


Beautiful silverware & demijohn bottle for $30.00!!




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