I would like to share with you one of my favourite lounges – the BOA….designed by the Campana brothers, (Fernando and Humberto Campana) are the most recognized designers in the world. If only I had the room to put it in!  Cross your fingers that hopefully one day I will……….

Brazilian born they have both been working as designers since 1983.  Humberto was originally a lawyer but started designing furniture, after Fernando finished his architectural degree. Obviously their passion and interest have spurred them to international fame. They are true sculptural artists.

The Boa manufactured by Edra has 90 metres of tublar velvet, representing a nest with no structural counterparts it is just knotted together. Just don’t eat chips or biscuits on it or you will have to follow with a dust buster!!

Please check out their webpage and make sure the sound is on and TURN IT UP:  just tell your boss you are having a late lunch.


Fernando & Humberto Campana

The Boa

If you are cold….do this….or just put on a jumper…


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