The MILK BAR formula…it works.

Remember when you would have a dollar….. and I mean a dollar and get on your bike ride down to the local milk bar, and it was the best feeling ever. The teenagers hanging out the front, mums and dads buying milk and bread, and you leaving with that one dollars worth of lollies or 2 cent mates, and a redskin. (and if you don’t know what a mate is you haven’t lived)

There was real sense of community, the milk bar man/women knew you and you knew them. There were Milk bars everywhere! Now it’s usually an emergency visitation case scenario to buy milk and the prices are high, and the nostalgic impression is long gone. I say bring them back – and the community will regain a sense of belonging. And we wont have to get in our cars to drive to shopping center to buy a loaf of bread.

The design style taken from Milk Bars is certainly apparent in many interiors I have been to across Melbourne. Simple is better – and the intimate café is taking on board the nostalgia of the past that we most of us have experienced. This is why these interiors work.

I haven’t posted directly which interiors that use this formula, instead have a think of which café you visit regularly – that has used this I call it “MILK BAR – formula” design. (Oh and the coffee has to be good too).


Remaining Milk Bars!


The original Milk Bar – now coffee shops.


Milk Bar Interior

White mortared wall tile, Stark and cleanliness.


Industrial light fittings, Industrial motifs and fixtures can work anywhere

Re-used wooden bench tops, Sustainability consciousness and statement of such

Using recycled timber for your interior design_300x300

Blackboards Hay day, school days, and hangman – chalkboard fights when the teacher isn’t around.

Colour, Throw in some colour – and tie in with your menu/graphics and signage and you are done.



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