Interiors and fashion cross – alliance I see is always apparent, and fashion NOW correlates just like the fashion runway to the what I like to call the “ready to wear……..interiors”

Right now AZTEC design is IN!

Soft furnishings inclusive of colour being the most important factor, textiles print, and texture.

The Aztecs lived in Tenochtitlan, which is now Mexico City. The Aztec civilization began in 1330 and ended in1521.Aztec clothing was made of fine cotton and fibres. The colours on the clothes were always very vibrant and detailed. The more jewellery there was on a woman, the more respect the woman had. Wearing more jewellery represents you are more wealthy. Women usually wore feathers on their head.

You can see in the following pictures – the way Aztec history translates to fashion and design now.

If you require an “Azetec” sourcing of products and interior styling service don’t hestitate to call!

AZTEC, colours and head dress.


AZTEC architecture


AZTEC woven textiles and fibres


Translation of AZTEC styles into soft furnishings, an easy way to keep your interior up to date with what is in now.

Living Room

X tumblr_ltrdptlaNa1qc7jkjo1_500

A rug is the quickest and easiest way to update your interior.


Rugs and Cushions on a negative space/clean backdrop makes for a more dramatic effect.


Cushions are also a quick and cost effective way to achieve that Aztec look.

In the bedroom


Bed throws a great way to change with current trends and seasons!

Fashion translation = subtle more neutral tones



Fashion translation = vibrant and bold pastel and primary colours


MORE HOTNESS – colours are fantastic especially for spring!



Subtle pastels and prints – can tie in the whole look


Beautiful interior – see how the artwork on the walls translates to the lounge chair soft furnishings and the floor rug.

Use a floor rug or textile print as a wall hanging for a different perspective.


Or if you are the type to make a BOLD statement – go tonal with black and white, then throw in a primary Colour. Here is shown in yellow – but how fantastic would Aqua blue, Red, Green or HOT PINK look right now!!



And if your interior is already rocking it……then throw an aztec print on your back (take your interior design out!!)


Monochrome Aztec print


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