Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting ‘The Great Ocean Road’ and destination – RACV club Torquay, actually on the great Ocean road.  My grandmother actually told me it was worth a visit, and she was right… it was……amazing!

At first I was taken aback of how big it actually was. Its curvaceous nature, and an attempt and well pursued to make “less of a huge development footprint” following the ideal of a crashing wave on the shoreline, and overlooking the golf course one hopes that in time it proves worth of blocking out sea views of nearby residence.

Wood Marsh Architects have made a definite statement, a cost of $115 million, 92-rooms, includes spa and wellness facilities, a conference and function center, and overlooks the new Torquay Golf course. It is noted as being the largest rammed earth (which I love and is so beautiful) building in Australia. You don’t have to be a member to drop in and visit – have a coffee, vino at the lounge, bar, restaurants, amazing children’s playground. You will notice from many of my photos, and taken around lunchtime there isnt many people there, I hope numbers of people do come through the door as I think this would be a hard one to miss this building on google earth. On the upperhand, you get the place to yourself!

It holds 150 works of Australian art, and the interior is subtle and elegant, vast……..American oak floors, pure wool carpets, marble in the spas and steam rooms, coloured glass throwing pastel washes through the Mondrian styled window portals that line the ever-curving corridors and exterior walls. Hope you enjoy the photos, and make sure this summer you stop by to check it out.

Front entrance

Le statement Grandeur

Beautiful stone wall

RACV – its about cars….and a view! in the lounge of course!

Curve of the golf course balcony

Golf Course Views, balustrade has no connections – amazing!

Mosaic crazy…yet subtle in the lifts

Mosaic crazy…yet subtle in the lifts

Ground floor……real life landscape picture frames

rammed earthinterior corridors, classic and understated

Homage to Melbournes “spire” by chance?

Childrens play area – note there is only one child there.

Fantastic backdrop, mosic styled mondrian placed, yet not in colour – soft reflective hues to glazing

cant miss an opportunity to jump on this!


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